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I’m not even going to pretend that there isn’t a conflict of interest here.  A better, more ethical person would take steps to maintain their objectivity and protect their sense of integrity.  But in a world where news anchor Brian Williams can singlehandedly drive the Taliban out of Afghanistan, and the US Supreme Court has declared that money is people, I will simply press on.  In the immortal words of Brian Williams, once more unto the breach!


Bad Times for Love

Bad Times for Love. CC Copyright by Javier Noval

Occasionally you come across something on the Web that forces you to stare unflinchingly into the dark heart of humanity.  Well, OK, on the Web that happens more than occasionally and not simply when you are frequenting 4Chan.  Sometimes, however, the experience isn’t simply repellent and/or tedious but actually illustrates something profound about the evolution of human nature and its vexed relationship with digital technologies.

Recently, my friend Laurie posted an article about the impending Facebook changes from CNN’s Tech blog.  Peter Cashmore’s “You’ll Freak WhenYou See the New Facebook” highlights Facebook’s impending overhaul of its profile pages in order to introduce its new “Facebook Timeline.”  Some of you may in fact have had your profile switched already.  Cashmore acknowledges that most users will probably hate the change initially but then they will think it is the greatest thing since Al Gore invented the Internet:


The world of game design is particularly prone to seduction by dreams of a slick, technological future.   This, however, is simply part of a larger cultural dream where new technologies will in and of themselves transform our future for the better.  We often seem powerless to resist these seductions, despite the fact that these dreams are so consistently exposed as incomplete at best, or downright misleading at worst.  We are in the position of millenialists whose latest deadline for the Second Coming arrives and departs; instead of learning the obvious lesson we simply recalculate according to another arcane logic and set a new date.  It is useful, therefore, to look at some of the factors that corporations in particular use to help blind us to some of the obvious flaws in visions of technology-driven progress.  (more…)