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(Thanks to Kayla who originally sent me this link).

Some of you may have seen this, during its brief existence on the global web.  The game whose title is also its gameplay directive:

Hit the Bitch.

The game was originally created in Denmark, but has now disappeared for most of the rest of the world.  When you try to click on the game site you receive the following message:

Dear non-danish visitor,

Due to an extremely high amount of traffic “Hit the Bitch” has been limited to only allow users from Denmark.

However, domestic violence is a global problem, so please support the fight against it in your local country.

Thanks for your interest.
Kind regards
Children exposed to Violence at Home

So, let me try to reconstruct for you, as best I can after having played it only once, what this game involved.  It is a Flash game, and it is all in Danish.  One of my goals was to actually get someone to translate the thing when I went back to it, but the site was closed off by that time.  However, to judge from the icons, you are able to control the game either through the mouse or–a more intriguing and disturbing possibility as you’ll see in a minute–a web camera.  Once you have made your selection (I picked mouse because I don’t do the whole webcam thing; no one needs to see me in my tighty whities at 7am searching for navel lint) you are then presented with the head and torso of a woman, rendered in naturalistic video.  The background is otherwise completely black.  In the foreground is a large, relatively realistic, man’s forearm and hand.

On the top left and right respectively are two scoring bars: one is labeled “% pussy” and the other is labeled “% gangsta.”  The woman starts talking at you.  In Danish, unfortunately, but it is clear from her tone and facial expressions that she is not happy.  This is where the kind of international linguistic ability that so many Europeans take for granted would have been really useful.  I’m assuming that what she was saying were insults, some of them impugning my masculinity in general and probably the size of my sexual organs in particular, but that’s just a guess.  Anyway, at a certain point, because there is a forearm just sitting there and it kinda seems as if it ought to be used, you hit her.