Contributor Info

Twitchdoctor is Mark Mullen, an assistant professor of writing with the University Writing Program at the George Washington University.  He has published on nineteenth-century theatre, pedagogical uses of information technology, and his work on the connections between gaming and writing technologies has appeared in Computers and Composition Online, the anthology Writing the Visual and Eludamos, and  in The Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds.

Incanter is David Edgar Liebke, is a developer and statistician working for Clojure/core at Relevance Inc. He has a B.S. in cognitive science (UC San Diego), M.S. in applied mathematics and statistics (Georgetown), an M.B.A. (UC Irvine).  He is also the creator of Incanter.

Waltersthegreat is Mike Walters, an undergrad student at the George Washington University majoring in international affairs.  He has played a wide variety of games and generally enjoys every genre from flash games to shooters to sports games to MMO’s.  He has played World of Warcraft for 5 years, and has run a small accomplished guild for about a third of that time.

TwinHits is John Goben, an undergraduate student at the George Washington University majoring in Political Communication with an unhealthy amount of time spent in Student Theatre. TwinHits is primarily interested in games with an open-ended online multi-player focus and has lead or officered for eight guilds in three different games since 2002.

Broadpaw is Matthew S. S. Johnson, Assistant Professor of English at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  His academic interests include rhetoric and composition theory, writing pedagogy, digital/electronic literacies, and game studies.  His publications include contributions to the journals College English and Dichtung Digital, and chapters that appear in the collections TechKnowledgies: New Imaginaries in the Humanities, Arts, and Technosciences and From Hip-Hop to Hyperlinks: Teaching about Culture in the Composition Classroom.  He also co-guest-edited (with Pilar Lacasa) a special issue of Computers & Composition, “Reading Games: Composition, Literacy, and Video Gaming.” He is also the Reviews Editor for the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds.

Aegisfang is Tim Zubizarreta, an undergraduate student at the George Washington University who is also heavily involved in student theatre.  He plays all kinds of games, but tends to focus heavily on shooters with level editors and open-world RPGs.  He has played and replayed The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in pretty much every conceivable way in the 4 years since it was released and helped design multiple crazy levels using Halo 3‘s Forge editor.